we love the soldiers and visit them throughout their army service

we surround the soldiers with the love of the Torah wherever they are

Special Shabbatot and inspirational lectures to soldiers from recruitment until release

embracing the soldiers on army bases and in the field

Personal continuous escort



Tzalash in the field

Tens of thousands of religious soldiers serve in the army." Many of them deteriorate spiritually.
(We all know very well the phenomenon of the new soldiers with big kippot and tzitizit who are released with their kipa in their pocket).
1. Physical remoteness from the Beit Midrash
2. Loss of contact with the rabbis
3. Mental and physical fatigue that makes learning Torah regularly very difficult, and erodes the desire to pray and to carefully live a halacha-based life
4. Intensive contact 24/7 with a completely different culture:
The way of thinking, the style of speech, goals and ambitions in the present and the future.
5. Social encounters in the army and in civilian environments in places that promote distancing oneself from the Almighty.
The Tzalash organization provides solutions:
1. The Beit Midrash - study hall - comes to the soldiers on “yeshiva days” and celebrations for the completion of tractates of the Talmud and the Mishnah, and books of the Bible, "Halacha", and faith.
2. The organization strengthens the connection between the rabbis and the soldiers:
a. By the military rabbis
b. By the rabbis from the yeshivot and from the preparatory programs
c. By rabbis and senior students from the communities and “Torah nucleus” groups
d. By Tzalash’s rabbis and spiritual escorts
3. The steady encounters with hundreds of soldiers each week leave the sweet taste of studying in the Beit Midrash and stimulate the desire to maintain a high spiritual level.
4. The loving and strengthening accompaniment of the soldiers by Tzalash inculcates a feeling of mission and the importance of having a positive influence on the entire environment.
And someone who makes an effort to influence others – is not influenced!
5. The many projects of the organization create cohesion between the thousands of soldiers who serve in various units and live in different places, and thus gradually form holy groups of soldiers who serve Hashem spread out all over the country, both in the bases and in the outposts, and in the meetings in civil life on Shabbatot, holidays, vacations and regular furloughs.
Peretz Einhorn, Chairman of Tzalash
Our soldiers deserve Tzalash!
Dear brother! You are invited to join the groups of soldiers
servants of Hashem all over the country

Emissaries for the sake of heaven!
The Tzalash organization invites you to join the group of representatives who want to have a positive influence on the army camp

Signing-up Soldiers

The tzalash organization invites you to join a group of apostles who want to make a good impact in the military camp

Signing-up Representatives


150 couples are connected to Tzalash in monthly encounters and day-to-day connection by messages and questions (15.10.2019, 2:07)

Tzalash participates in dozens of celebrations of completing a tractate every month on bases and in army ceremonies (09.10.2019, 2:06)

The fourth convention of married couples in the army will take place on the 22nd of Tammuz with Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel (03.10.2019, 2:06)

Baruch Hashem, thank God, 350 new recruits and soldiers participated in the Tzalash convention in cooperation with the “B’chol Levavcha” organization. It was powerful and uplifting!! (01.10.2019, 2:06)

Breaking records: IDF soldiers in cooperation with the Tzalash organization got to tractate completion number 1300 (07.10.2019, 2:06)


Pre-military academies
Arzei Halevanon

Yeshivot Gvohot – Advanced yeshivot
Orot Haari Tzfat
Orot Hatorah - Bat Yam
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