Inspiring and motivating the soldiers to higher levels of performance

Give forces and strengthen the military mission

Wrap the soldiers in Torah love wherever they are

Conferences and Torah classes starting from before the draft and continuing throughout their service

Providing love and support for the soliders on the base and in the field


Eshet Chayil

Strong together


Tzalash in the field

Tzalash is the biggest organizing in Israel that takes care of the spiritual needs of thousands including graduates of mechinot and yeshivot, preparing them before they draft, accompanying them and providing for their spiritual needs while encouraging them to preserve and strengthen their Judaism throughout their military service.

Emissaries for the sake of heaven!
The Tzalash organization invites you to join the group of representatives who want to have a positive influence on the army camp

Signing-up Soldiers

The tzalash organization invites you to join a group of apostles who want to make a good impact in the military camp

Signing-up Representatives


250 couples are connected to Tzalash in monthly encounters and day-to-day connection by messages and questions (15.10.2019, 2:07)

Tzalash participates in dozens of celebrations of completing a tractate every month on bases and in army ceremonies (09.10.2019, 2:06)

The fourth convention of married couples in the army will take place on the 22nd of Tammuz with Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel (03.10.2019, 2:06)

Baruch Hashem, thank God, 350 new recruits and soldiers participated in the Tzalash convention in cooperation with the “B’chol Levavcha” organization. It was powerful and uplifting!! (01.10.2019, 2:06)

Breaking records: IDF soldiers in cooperation with the Tzalash organization got to tractate completion number 4000 (07.10.2019, 2:06)


Pre-military academies
Arzei Halevanon

Yeshivot Gvohot – Advanced yeshivot
Orot Haari Tzfat
Orot Hatorah - Bat Yam
Bet El
Bat Ayin

Hesder yeshivot
Yeshivat Itamar
Ohr Veyeshua - Haifa
Orot Yaakov - Rechovot
Orot Shaul - Raanana