Tzalash – an army for the sake of heaven- was founded at the end of 2012.

The aim of the association is to accompany all the religious soldiers in the army and to give the officers, commanders and soldiers all the aid we can to continue to serve Israel in faith, love of Torah, happiness, and purity, and devotion to His great name which has been called upon us.

In light of our familiarity with situation on the bases and in the field for the past 17 years, we became aware that a real necessity has arisen to invest great effort in the religious soldiers and give them a response to all their spiritual and worldly needs.

Graduates of the pre-military institutions, yeshivot, hesder yeshivot, and pre-military preparatory programs, and of course, we can’t forget about 50% of the new recruits who are drafted to military service immediately after graduating high-school yeshivot, and religious and comprehensive high schools. They all come into the army and meet with military realities that require a tremendous amount of strength. The transition between civilian life and the army is very sharp, and requires a lot of accompaniment and support from the very beginning of the military service: in basic and advanced training, through the military operational line, military exercises, going to NCO and officer training courses, and performing the various tasks and roles, until preparation for discharge from the army. Counseling, help and guidance for returning to civilian life and selecting the following framework.

Everyone knows about the problem: many students become both spiritually and morally eroded in the course of their army service. The weeks of training in the field, the tight schedule and the distance from the Torah study hall and the rabbis make it very difficult for the students to maintain and strengthen the religious path that they dreamed of and wanted so much before they were drafted into the army.

The Tzalash organization offers a unique accompaniment system to all religious soldiers. The vision of Tzalash is: an army for the sake of Hashem.

  1. “Make a rabbi for yourself” – encouraging soldiers to maintain and strengthen their connection with their rabbis.
  2. “Make your Torah a fixed thing” – providing a wide variety of possibilities to learn Torah regularly throughout their army service.
  3. “I am the friend of all who fear You – and those who observe your commandments” – creating holy study partners throughout the country of soldiers who serve Hashem who constantly strengthen each other “A person will help his neighbor, and say ‘be strong’ to his brother.”

Agents for mitzvot: Creating a systematic arrangement of distributing strengthening booklets to raise the religious soldiers’ spiritual posture, and to constantly remind them and make them conscious of the importance of not merely surviving spiritually, but of being full agents of ‘holy audacity,’ with creativity which will cause the soldiers to act and organize a great number of things which will bring about a great kiddush Hashem, sanctification of Hashem’s name.

In Hashem’s name we will continue to act and to succeed!!