Tzalash is a revolution of holiness! It’s an organization that does everything for us so that we stay fixed in Torah learning throughout our army service.

Tzalash is simply a kiddush Hashem, a sanctification of the Divine Name.

I have been delighted to follow the activities of Tzalash even from when I was still at the Alon Moreh Yeshiva, and I participated in a Tzalash conference for new recruits

On Sundays I would arrive at joyous Sunday’ classes in the ‘training bases city’. Rabbi Peretz made sure to distribute pocket-sized booklets of the gemara for our entire platoon.

And Baruch Hashem, within our platoon, we already have had over 20 personal and group tractate completions.

It is difficult to describe in words the joy and the level of motivation for the entire platoon and the whole company at every tractate completion celebration.

You have to come and see it yourself!

We feel that Tzalash makes the soldiers who are so inclined to be directed to the work of Hashem in the course of military service which is full of challenges.”

All I have left to write is: Thank you so much from my heart and blessings to Rabbi Peretz and the organization, that it will continue with full power to break forward and envelope the religious soldiers with the love of the Torah, which brings about their investing effort in military professionalism and the raising the level of motivation of all the soldiers.