The escort, encouragement and support of Tzalash give me and my friends the strength and motivation to serve the Jewish people with love and faith.

In the middle of basic training, I finished a tractate of gemara, and also distributed the Tzalash tractates to my friends, and everyone took responsibility for some of the gemara pages.

Baruch Hashem everyone was happy with the Torah learning and we made an effort to coordinate a few weeks in advance with the rabbi of the army base and the commanders a time to celebrate the completion of the tractate.

We arranged a date for the completion celebration and Rav Peretz, the rabbi of the army base and the rabbi of the Netzach Yehuda brigade arrived. There was a very distinguished tractate-completion celebration.

During lunch, there was dancing that strengthened everyone.

I would like give written thanks to Rabbi Peretz and the Tzalash organization who take care to strengthen and encourage us to continue the study of Torah through our full and challenging military service