The Tzalash organization (an army for the sake of Heaven) envelopes the soldiers with the love of the Torah and takes care of their spiritual and worldly needs wherever they are:

In preparation for induction – in the yeshivot and pre-military preparatory programs.

After induction – in bases, outposts, in the field and also in the home communities on weekends and regular furloughs

In preparation for release – guidance towards a life of Torah within the world of activity as civilians.

With every donation, you have the privilege to strengthen Torah study on a regular basis for officers and soldiers and to strengthen their spiritual fitness, which causes them to continue serving the Jewish people and the State of Israel day and night with professionalism, love, and dedication.

(The donation is recognized for receiving tax refunds in Israel under section 46).


* The contribution may be dedicated to someone’s health or recovery, to their success, and in memory of a departed relative, etc. In addition, a message may be sent to the soldiers.


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*A monthly donation. (Your donation does not count towards your monthly credit limit)

It's possible to dedicate your donation (for someone's health, success, in memory of a loved one, etc.)

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