The Tzalash Organization – Army in the Service of God – publishes pocket-sized Gemara and other inspirational pocket books.  To date over 50,000 books have been distributed.

Thank God, we have so far managed to publish:

  • Pocket versions of the set of Masechet Megilla, with commentary
  • Pocket versions of the set of Masechet Berachot, with commentary
  • Pocket versions of the set of Masechet Rosh Hashanah, with commentary
  • A regular size book and a pocket-sized version of “We Shall Sanctify Your Name in this World” – (Nekadesh et Shimcha Ba’Olam) inspirational articles, tips and advice to the combat soldier.
  • Elul and the festivals of Tishrei in the IDF
  • Chanukah in the IDF
  • Purim in the IDF
  • The Essence of Israel – a commentary on Chapter 11 of the Maharal’s book Eternity of Israel (Netzach Yisrael)
  • Immunization Book on Purity of Language (Taharat Halashon)
  • Rabbi Elisha Vishlitzki – Tikun Hamidot
  • Salvation to Your People (Yeshua Le’Amecha) – The life of the sainted Chacham Yeshua ben Shoshan
  • Tzorva MiRabbanan for the Soldier
  • Pocket-sized Siddur – Mincha and Ma’ariv (all the nusachim)
  • Inspiring Axioms of the Rabbis for Soldiers
  • Pocket-sized sets of Masechet Moed Katan, with commentary
  • Pocket-sized sets of Masechet Succah, with commentary