Protecting the Jewish people and the Land of Israel is a privilege and a mitzvah – but it can also be religiously challenging and emotionally taxing. Tzalash provides a comprehensive range of programs in order to assist soldiers in maintaining their religious commitment and emotional well-being throughout the duration of their military service.
In addition, married soldiers and their families face unique challenges and Tzalash provides numerous services to help ensure that the bonds of marriage are kept strong throughout the husband’s service in the army.
Since the start of the pandemic Tzalash has grown by 300%!

We are now reaching thousands of soldiers and visiting more army bases, offering more inspiring shiurim, celebrating more siyumim and providing emotional support to more soldiers and their families.
Please partner with us so that we can continue to grow and do even more!
The soldiers of the IDF give everything of themselves to defend Israel and the Jewish people- help us help them!