The Tzalash organization – an army for the name of Hashem –  received and continues to receive the blessing of hundreds of rabbis:

Heads of yeshivot, heads of the pre-military academies, Chief Rabbis of cities and community rabbis.

In the meantime, in honor of launching our website, which it was important for us to get online as soon as possible, we present here only two letters of support, and God willing we will continue to add all the letters we receive that follow.

Congratulations to the Tzalash organization – an army for the sake of Hashem – which assists those inducted into the Israeli army, and helps the soldiers in all possible ways.

It is certainly a great mitzva to assist them and to contribute funds (which will be considered maaser ksafim (monetary tithes to charity).

Rabbi Shlomo Hakohen Aviner

I was happy to see the vision and purpose of the Tzalash project.

And I have been familiar with the activities performed in the field for several years of accompaniment of graduates of the pre-military preparatory programs and the yeshivot during their military service.

The soldiers’ wonderful reactions attest to a warm and loving connection.

It is proper to continue, strengthen, and expanding this precious activity.

May all those who engage in this sacred activity be blessed in the heavens in every way.

Rafi Peretz, former Chief Rabbi of the IDF