Baruch Hashem Who has given us the privilege to publish the sets of pocket-sized gemaras with commentary.

Baruch Hashem the righteous soldiers really ask all the time that we publish more tractates.

In the last year and a half, we have distributed over 40,000 pamphlets of pocket –sized Gemaras with a commentary.

Baruch Hashem there are already about 5000 soldiers who hold a page of Gemara page during their military service because of our pocket-sized editions.

We have celebrated over 1800completions of tractates of the gemara by soldiers in some 70 bases and outposts throughout the Holy Land.

We’re only at the beginning of the road!!!!!!

In the near future, we will be publishing publish two more tractates: Moed Katan and Succa.

Baruch Hashem we received donation certification (for tax purposes) to continue spreading these pocket-sized editions of the gemara.

Why do we, Baruch Hashem, have such a great success?

  1. Our edition of the gemara matches exactly the size of the pocket of the army uniform.
  2. The explanation of the Gemara by the commentary “Veshinantam” helps the soldiers understand the subject studied.
  3. The soldiers divide up the tractate and each one receives responsibility for one or two pages and thus the soldiers get organized together for a group completion of the tractate.
  4. The soldiers take the sets of the pocket-sized gemara with them and distribute them to their friends at home, so that additional completion celebrations are organized on weekends in the community synagogues.
  5. The soldiers are captivated by the convenient learning, and gradually accept upon themselves, and take responsibility for, a few more pages of Gemara.
  6. The tractates selected are the ones most studied, and are tailored to the holidays and the comprehensive study programs of the yeshivot and pre-military preparatory academies, so that everyone can connect to the study.
  7. Each tractate completion celebration is accompanied by refreshments and dancing of joy in the honor of the Torah, and this gives a lot of motivation to all the students and all the other soldiers who really enjoy seeing the celebration and consider participating, and this creates a huge kiddush Hashem, sanctification of the Divine Name.
  8. We dedicate the study to the memory of the souls of soldiers and relatives, and it greatly encourages the soldiers to fulfill their pledge to learn pages of the gemara.
  9. The celebration of a group completion of a tractate depends on everyone indeed learning their page or pages, and so everyone encourages his friend to complete the study.
  10. We try to invite the military rabbis and the rabbis from the yeshivot, the preparatory programs, and the high schools to the celebration, thus creating a great reinforcement for the soldiers to study diligently, so that they can, by completing, enjoy a celebration which represents the joy of learning Torah for everyone.

To dedicate a tractate in memory of a departed relative, or for health, success and strengthening of the IDF, please contact us via the “contact us” button, and we will get back to you shortly.

Congratulations and blessings to all contributors!!!